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Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions about cheap online personal loans.

What are these services?

The advances on which we offer quotes are similar to payday loans in that they provide borrowers with an advance on their upcoming paycheck. Such funds may also be referred to as cash advances.

Where is the interest rate of my loan listed?

Lenders must supply borrowers with a loan agreement that contains the APR of the service. To comply with the Federal Truth in Lending Act, the agreement must disclose the interest rate in bold. Borrowers should always check the rate of the loan before they sign the document.

Can I borrow directly from this site?

No, you cannot borrow directly from us. This site is meant to distribute referrals to lenders, not the services themselves. We can help you find a lender in minutes, but we are not a lending site.

How is this different from a credit card cash advance?

In several ways, the two are similar. For one, they are both designed for those who have short-term, urgent borrowing needs. Secondly, they both tend to have comparatively high interest rates and fees. However, the two advances also have distinctive differences. First, people who do not qualify for credit cards may still have a chance at qualifying for assistance (varies by lender). Additionally, advances usually do not deal with your personal financial record during the borrowing process, but most credit card issuers do (varies accordingly).

What will happen when my real payday actually arrives?

The repayment of your balance will depend on the policies of your lender, but repayment usually occurs on the date of your next payday. With most lenders, the interest charge and principal amount of the loan are deducted electronically from your bank account on the due date (varies by lender). Before your lender issues the loan, you will sign an agreement that allows them to make this automatic withdrawal from your checking or savings account (varies accordingly).

How much can I borrow?

With most online lenders, the average amount borrowed is about $500. However, some of our partners offer advances that are substantially larger than this. Depending on your monthly income and your lender, you may be able to receive a loan of up to $1500 (varies by lender). It is also important to understand the difference between Traditional vs. Cheap Online Personal Loans.